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Opportunity is the keyword. If we have the opportunity to be involved in any sports activities in our local area we take it. We view physical fitness and participation as key compnents of our pupils overall health and wellbeing.

Children at our school participate in both Winter and Summer sports on the school grounds and out in the community.

Daily instruction is given in physical education and skill-based learning in a wide range of activities as per the National Curriculum.


Every year children are given opportunities to attend a wide range of actives outside of the classroom and school.

We attempt to provide variety by cycling through local, regional, and national trips over a 3 year period. 

Recently we completed our first International trip with a group of senior children traveling to Rarotonga.

Each year local Marae are visited and the school has a wellbeing visit to Morere Hot Springs.


Fees Free School

The Arts


A valued part of our curriculum the children are exposed to a wide range of artistic genre. 

Children are taught to use a range of mediums to create artworks. 

Music instruction, singing and performing are supported.

Creativity is valued and children are  encouraged to participate in public speaking, drama, local and regional art competitions,


Te Reo Maori is an integral part of our school and all the children are encouraged and supported to participate in Kapahaka.

Waiata are learnt and performed at weekly assemblies and when we welcome visitors to our kura.

Each year the school participates in the District Kapahaka festival.

Enviro School

We are a Bronze level Enviro School and as such teach the children skills that will help them become healthy conservational kiwi's.


Children participate in EPro8  and technology challenges are a yearly part of the curriculum with children participating in inter-house activities.

The school is well resourced, with a 1:2 ratio of laptops to tamariki in the senior school.

Junior children have access to tablets and are involved in learning skills in cooking and sewing as part of the curriculum.

The school also has Steps Web and uses Rainbow reading pens through out the school to promote skills in reading.

We believe in teaching children how to behave rather than admonishing them for behaving incorrectly.

Each class begins the year by forming a treaty-based on our behaviour goals of being safe, respectful, and responsible learners. 

Involving the children in setting the guidelines and consequences enables us to make our school a great place to develop social skills that the tamariki will need as they grow and become members of our society.

 The Wairoa Primary Way

Bullying is not accepted at Wairoa Primary and we actively work to teach children how to resolve conflicts in a positive manner.

Well-being, social, and emotional are key goals and we strive to ensure your child is happy and learning.

Wairoa Primary caters to those children who need extra support. Whether it be as simple as a little extra help with reading,  a child who requires extensive support in all areas, or a child who needs extension they will all be catered to at our school.

On staff, we have a Special Education Needs Co-ordinator and a Learning Support Co-ordinator who work together to ensure the best possible outcomes for all students.

Inclusive classrooms are well resourced and teachers supported.

 Special Education

Recent school upgrades include special toileting facilities and gated areas to promote the safety and well being of pupils.

Recognizing children in our school with exceptional talents and providing them with opportunities for extension is another facet of our kura.

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