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Caring for the Well-being of Students, Staff and our wider community is an important part of our kaupapa at Wairoa Primary.

In addition to being part of the "Free Lunch in Schools".  and "Fruit in Schools programmes that support the health of our pupils the school also has professionals employed to support learning and social well-being. 

Learning Support Co-ordinator
Special Education Needs Co-ordinator

Di McCallum is the Learning Support Co-ordinator (LSC) for our Kura. Her role is to help identify and support children who are having difficulty with learning.

She will work with parents and teachers to find the best pathway for their tamariki which can include: working with the teacher to improve learning in class, making referrals for hearing/vision testing, and contacting support agencies.

Caring for the general well-being of our families Mrs. McCallum also supports our school in community-based forums ensuring our whanau are given opportunities to be heard and get assistance.

You can contact our LSC by phoning the school. 06 838 6209

Maree-Louise Dimbokovits is our  Special Educations Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO). Her role is to work with children who have special needs and liaise with families and agencies to provide the best possible learning outcomes for tamariki.

Miss Dimbokovits will organize Individual Education Plan Meetings with teachers, families, and support agencies. She is also available to give advice on how to access agencies outside of the MOE. for additional support.

The SENCO can be contacted by phoning the school 06 838 6209

Tautoko Servces

Mentors, Life Coaches, and Counsellors
make up this amazing group of two experienced teachers, a Social Worker, and fully qualified Counsellor; they are the Tautoko Services team 
Doreen Foki,  Di Broomfield, Karen Paku, and Jason Rees.

Their role is to help children who need support to address their stress, anxiety, trauma, etc. which may be preventing them from achieving their potential at school.

Referrals can be made through the school in consultation with the teacher, LSC, SENCO, or Principal.Ph 06 838 6209

However, you are also able to make an independent whanau referral at any time online.

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