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Principal's Welcome.

Kia ora koutou, nga mihi nui kia koutou – nau mai ki Te Kura Tuatahi o Te Wairoa!

Greetings one and all – welcome to our Wairoa Primary website!

It has been my privilege to work closely with staff, students and whanau / families of Wairoa Primary and the entire district for some 24 years in varying capacities.

Wairoa Primary has a rich history in our community – a history which we regularly call on in our Place Based / Local Curriculum; this supports our Vision:

“E tu tamariki ma; ko au te akonga, ko te akonga ko au. Our Tamariki stand tall and are proud of who they are, where they have come from and where they are going; we are all learners together.”

By means of our inclusive Mission we actively provide the highest quality learning in a safe, caring environment which values diversity and prepares children for the future.

When you visit us you will see, hear and feel that we value, accept and celebrate all cultures; we ensure that students of all identities are treated with respect and dignity. Our staff continue to raise awareness of Tikanga and Te Reo Maori and incorporate these into classroom practice.


 Our commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi is demonstrated in many ways but especially by supporting the ongoing provision of three Maori Immersion classes, actively consulting our kaumatua (respected elders), and by ensuring all students learn about and respect the diverse cultural heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand.


It is always a privilege and pleasure to meet with prospective families! Whilst this has traditionally occurred in person, more recently this has happened via social media as families transfer from other provinces and from around the world.


Kia manaakitanga – Take care!


Richard Lambert

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Our Vision

​E tu ! E tu! tamariki ma:
Ko au te akonga,
Ko akonga au

Our tamariki stand tall and are proud of who they are and where they have come from and where they are going: we are all learners together.

Our Mission
Our Motto

To provide the highest quality learning in a safe, caring environment which values diversity and prepares children for the future.

Mahi Kotahi - Work together.

Tatou Tatou - As one

Our History

Schooling in our town has occurred on many sites and locations since 1859 when records show the very first official school which was held in a "whare " near the river by "The Heads." 

Wairoa Primary School was first opened on the current site on the 23rd of March 1956.

Previously the primary classes had been sited on the same grounds as the District High School which had been established since 1910 , this would later become Wairoa College in 1954.

Wairoa Primary in 2005 was joined by North Clyde School (est 1947) as part of the then governmental education review and subsequent mergers.

Today Wairoa Primary continues to maintain a tradition of cooperation and collaboration with all sectors of our community.

The Team 2022


Richard Lambert - Principal

Maree-Louise Dimbokovits - Deputy Principal/SENCO

Kim Hapi - Assistant Principal/Kaiarahi o te Rumaki

Jill Hapi - Senior Team Leader

Eden Solomon- Junior Team Leader


Renee Hiko                                        Penny Mitchell

Natasha   Hapi-Wikaira                      Kirstie O'Neil

Lyn Wilson                                         Carol Hapi                  Yanna Carroll                                     TeAo Rore

Dianne McCallum - Learning Support Co-ordinator

Jeanne Clayton-Green - Reading Recovery

Te Ao Rore - Resource Teacher of Maori

Joce Gregory- Literacy Leader

Teacher Aides

April Blake                   Oriana Salu

Susan Mihaere             Teri-Lee Tipu

Willy Mitchell                Taylor Doyle

Adrianne Poipoi            Raewyn Rore

Faith Morten                 Maude Kahukura

Lee-Ann Goodley         Monehu Gilbert

Peni Wamoana             Joanne Simmonds

Pango Solomon            Darien Doull

Missy McGregor          


Bernie Smiler- Office Manager

Ana Lambert- Office Receptionist

Robyn Little - Librarian

Barry Murphy - Caretaker

If you wish to view any of our school policies or procedures clicking here will take you to SchoolDocs. Search for Wairoa Primary School and then enter the username and password as below. 

The privacy document which covers this website and our facebook page can be found there.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.

Username: wairoaprimary

Password wps

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