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Welcome to Wairoa Primary School, the centre of the heart of the Wairoa Community. Located in the beautiful town of Wairoa, our school offers a nurturing environment for students to thrive academically and socially.

Schooling in our town has occurred on many sites and locations since 1859 when records show the very first official school which was held in a "whare " near the river by "The Heads." 

Wairoa Primary School was first opened on the current site on the 23rd of March 1956.

Previously the primary classes had been sited on the same grounds as the District High School which had been established since 1910 , this would later become Wairoa College in 1954.

Wairoa Primary in 2005 was joined by North Clyde School (est 1947) as part of the then governmental education review and subsequent mergers.

Today Wairoa Primary continues to maintain a tradition of cooperation and collaboration with all sectors of our community.

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